Monday, September 7, 2009

3 Little Kittens Studio

Well, well, sure took me long enough to name my art studio and start a blog... but finally, today, it presented itself - 3 Little Kittens Studio.

It all started last Thursday when we trapped the first of the ferals. And now we have momma and all 3 kittens. It wasn't without incident, Shane has the bite wounds to prove it, luckily he's on the mend. The kittens are slowly gaining trust, momma is still very timid, they're all safe in my studio.

This is the first kitten - Hot Rod Robspierre aka Robbie (named after Shane's childhood kitten). He was neutered last Thursday; his 2 siblings make their trip to the vet tomorrow. Momma has to wait till her 10-day rabies quarantine period is up.

We planned to TNR (trap-neuter-release) the family, but it's hard not to get attached. We just want the best for them, momma will probably always be feral. Stay tuned for updates.

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